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Business Management

Our comprehensive business management services allow business owners to effectively outsource the management of their organisations in exchange for a fixed fee or on a profit-sharing basis. Our business management team can either fully manage all business operations including business goals and objectives, or we can collaborate with your existing management team on specific parts of the business. 


We are experienced in crafting business plans for a wide range of products and services – and we’ll bring that expertise to your organisation. We’ll also bring new ideas to the table that you might not have considered and share the opinion of our network of experts and advisors on how best to move your business forward. We’re constantly learning from our portfolio of companies, and we share best practices and lessons learned with all our affiliated companies.


We are particularly interested in business management opportunities in e-commerce, information technology and hospitality sectors. Our areas of business management expertise include: business development and growth; streamlining of operations and marketing; and establishing performance goals to ensure your business succeeds.

We offer strategic planning until deal execution, where we act as consultants and help set up businesses from scratch. We can also assist with loss-making enterprises, giving business advice and assistance to help return a profit.


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