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We see hospitality and F&B as an important part of our investment strategy as we look to diversify our portfolio of companies. We are particularly interested in highly successful F&B businesses that want to expand into new locations, territories and markets.

Hospitality Portfolio Expansion

The hospitality sector is an extremely competitive environment; however, the sector has seen incredible success stories in Asia in recent years. Single outlet bar or restaurant concepts that ride the wave of an international dining or fast food trend can achieve rapid expansion both domestically and internationally. In such a dynamic sector, popular outlets that choose to expand slowly without financial backing can miss the window of opportunity and be outgrown by competitors. Sadly, many F&B businesses fail because they overstretch or they lack the business skills to operate more than one or two outlets. With financial backing and the support of skilled business management executives, a rapid expansion plan can be put in place that will deliver high returns for both founders and investors.

We represent a one-stop-shop for your business management needs, offering a full suite of business services from marketing and growth hacking techniques, to operations management and business development.

We also have a range of franchise opportunities available for investors in the hospitality sector – both in Singapore and overseas, and we can also help your business find franchisees. If you own a business in the hospitality sector and you are looking to expand – or if you would like to invest in the industry – please get in touch.


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