What does it take to be part of MCK Group?

Like-minded Founders

We are laser-focused on identifying the right business in the right sector at the right time, but it is imperative that there are like-minded founders behind any operation that we invest in. We are very selective about the people we chose to work with. We are looking for resilient, persistent entrepreneurs with integrity, long-term vision, and foresight – but that doesn’t mean we want all founders to be the same. Diversity is key to success and we embrace different skill sets and backgrounds.

Businesses Expertise

A business is only as strong as its employees, so high-level industry expertise and strong human capital are vital. Does your team have the knowledge and skills to take the business to the next level and beyond? It takes an insightful, accountable, self-motivated workforce with the know-how to deliver in order to achieve shared business goals.

Investment from MCK Group isn’t just financial backing. It’s a partnership. We will work together to create an effective business model designed to scale your operations and increase profits – and give you all the support you need to deliver on it. We offer a unique chance to become part of the MCK Group, which includes all of the advice, support, mentoring and