Business Strategy

As investment management experts, we aim to deliver long-term, sustainable returns for our investors and identify businesses that meet the needs of consumers with innovative products and services.

Growing Middle Class


The largest middle-class consumer market in the world will continue to expand in the coming years.

 High Smartphone Penetration  & High-Speed Internet

Fibre broadband and 3G/4G services have fuelled a demand for internet-enabled services.

Migration to Cities


A shift to office-based work and busy lifestyles is driving a rising demand for convenience products and services.

Rising Disposable Incomes

A shift from necessary purchases to indulgent purchases that communicate social status.

Investing in Asia’s Growing Middle Class

A population of approximately one billion consumers has emerged across Asia. MCK Group’s strategy is to focus its investment strategy on innovative technology, products and services that are well placed to take advantage of this social progress.

Social Progress

Online Shopping

E-commerce platforms and e-stores


Food and beverages outlets, restaurants and bars

Food Delivery

Online food delivery services and mobile apps