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It makes sense for businesses that want to pivot into new sectors or offer additional services to partner with other organisations with existing interests and experience in the targeted industry. Our management teams have extensive experience in the financial, IT, e-commerce and leasing sectors, and we understand what it takes to scale operations in new sectors or how to market innovative new products. This experience would be particularly useful to any company wishing to revolutionise their financing options for customers or to launch digital services in Asia and beyond.

Business Partnerships

If you are interested in any of our partnership opportunities, please get in touch with our investment managers to discuss the possibilities.

Partnerships with MCK Group

In a business partnership, your organisation will take a share in a business alongside us. A partnership allows both entities to share the managerial load, pool skillsets, employees and infrastructure while mitigating risks. A special business relationship is required where both organisations are of similar stature and can both bring different, yet equally important resources to the partnership. Shared decision making takes considerable planning and in-depth communication, but together we can build a stronger business.

Managed Partnerships

with MCK Group

We welcome partners that would like to invest with us without becoming involved in the day to day running of a business. Our experienced management team takes care of operational duties, while our investors provide capital and share in the returns.

Equity Partnerships in MCK companies

Additionally, we offer investors the chance to take a stake in our portfolio of businesses, and we invite interest from institutional investors who would like to invest in our mature businesses in the financial, leasing, e-commerce, F&B and IT sectors.


Partnership Deals

We can assist businesses that wish to form a partnership with or acquire a stake in another business, or those who want to implement a takeover bid. As facilitators, we pass offers and counter-offers between parties, co-ordinate meetings and help finalise the technical and legal aspects of any deal.

Businesses Seeking Partner Investors

We help businesses that are seeking new partnerships and additional funding by introducing them to a select group of investors that are ready to become business partners. A cash injection can help renew business confidence and assist organisations that want to expand but are struggling with cash flow.

We offer a range of partnership arrangements and services


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